Erik W. VanVelzen Fine Art Mix Media captures a fresh twist on life around me !

I have an art exhibit at a large resteurant in Garden Grove at 7 Seas Sushi Sports Bar and Grill on  Thursday Nov. 1st from 6pm-10pm please come and Get Some Art.. Hope you can make it.. Thanks Erik VanVelzen 

***The Art Exibit whent well and 11 other artists showed up, we will be showing again on the first Friday of Dec.      A car show , Fine Art , Good Food and Live Music !!!         Unless we get in with a Laguna Beach Gallery. 

Erik W VanVanVelzen copywrite 2012


I create fresh, vibrant images that capture the essence of my subjects, from portraits and landscapes to still lifes and abstracts.

My Work

I enjoy Painting, Pen and Ink, Photography and I love to travel. I’ve always enjoyed photography and I recently started to enjoy my art again.

I used to love drawing when I was younger but could never really get to grips with painting. I had kinda stopped drawing in my later years and was really only creative with, and enjoyed my photography. This was until I met my girlfriend, I was inspired to start creating art again. I started using pen and ink, watercolor and photoshop to creat my works of art. I found I could get the bright, vibrant colors. I play around with them and then create high quality digital versions. Here you’ll find some of my favorite results and favorite photographs from my travels,

Hope you enjoy!

Feel free to look through my portfolio for a sample of my work. If you have any questions, please contact me. And all works of art are copywrite 2012.

Thank You,

Erik VanVelzen


I approach my work with a unique perspective. My style and technique are broad and flexible, developed over years of training and experience.


"Erik's Artwork Is Unbelievably and undeniable Beautiful,speaks for itself, each piece comes to life, lives and breaths. A natural talent that is to be amired and enjoyed.His photography is amazing, when you look at a image, you are part of the picture, you cna see, and feel what the subject is feeling, and part of every landscape. When he takes a image of the sea, you can actually smell the salt air, feel every grain of sand and soak up the sun or stars. When you see a portrait, the subject begins to speak. I have never seen a photographer that looks beyond the subject like he does, and brings every subject to life. It is the same with his Artwork, amazing artist, and photographer that should never go un-noticed." -Valarie Pacheco(The Bohemian Mermaid)Honolulu,Hawaii

"Excellent Artist, and Photographer, when I look at his works of art I see realism, creativity and a real love of art, every line and every brush-stroke comes to life. The amazing use of art and photoshop brings the pieces together so beautiful and artistically.The images definalty has a life of their own.I own several pieces by Erik, and proud to have them hanging in my home."

 Rose, Kalihi,Hawaii


, Waikiki, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii | 808-292-0163

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